Name: Forrister Ross

Title: Commercial Sales

When did you join Giant Oak: 2015

What are you working on: Managing client relationships, guiding our go to market strategy for GOST, working with the development team to ensure our tool is user friendly.

Tell me something about the work you do: Talking with people. Whether it's briefing a client on GOST, brainstorming with our partners on new applications, or discussing new initiatives internally

Why did you come to Giant Oak: Few places are engaged in such stimulating and impactful work. It felt like a great fit the first day I walked in.

What do you do when you aren't at work: I love a good adventure. Whether it's found between the pages of a book, in the music I play, or with strangers in another country.

Prior work experience: I previously worked as a corporate investigator, music therapist, and music promoter.

Education: B.A. in Philosophy from Union College