Name: Greg DeAngelo

Title:  Social Scientist 

When did you join Giant Oak:  2015

What are you working on:  I work on analytics related to human trafficking and several aspects of the legal system.

Tell me something about the work you do: My work focuses on aspects of the legal system that are often overlooked because of how ingrained legal institutions have become. So, I work with Giant Oak on pricing and entry/exit in illegal markets, but then utilize this information to inform policing behavior. 

Why did you come to Giant Oak: It's hard to find people that are intensely focused on researching illicit behavior and the actors that are involved in these markets. Giant Oak has impressively found a way to compile very intelligent adn key players in this research domain under one roof. For me, working at Giant Oak was perfectly natural.

What do you do when you aren't at work: Run with my 20 pound Jack Russell,surf, hike, spectate sporting events, and sing along at concerts.

Prior work experience: I've been a professor at a couple universities and am fortunate that I am able to dovetail my research with Giant Oak work.


Ph.D, University of California Santa Barbara

Economics M.A., University of California Santa Barbara

Economics B.S., Rochester Institute of Technology


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