Hugh Brooks

Hugh provides Giant Oak and its clients subject matter expertise in African related subjects, technology and data analytics, terrorism and political violence, and other security issues. He has been with Giant Oak since 2012, although he previously spent time working in East Africa and the Five Eyes community on various technology deployments, as well as in a cyber security and artificial intelligence startup.

Hugh has developed and deployed cutting edge remote monitoring systems, social media, crowdsourcing and analytics platforms, and crowd behavioral models. Hugh has been adept at finding creative solutions for the fusion between technology, operators, analysts, and industries. He is co-author of the book, Using Social Media for Global Security (Wiley, 2013), and various papers on swarm intelligence and other security fields.  

Hugh is a veteran and has over 15 years working in various roles related to security and defense. He has spent the last several years working with clients in the government and private sectors on a variety projects both in the United States and abroad related to technology and security. A former Enlisted United States Marine Corps Reservist, he received a B.A. in Political Science and African Studies from the University of Florida, and a Masters in Security Studies from Georgetown.


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