Name: Mary Gelbach

Title: Human Resources Specialist

When did you join Giant Oak: April 2014

What are you working on:
All facets of Administration and Human Resources Support.

Tell me something about the work you do: I try to support the Giant Oak team by integrating new employees, acting as a liaison between the team and our external human resources partners, and ensuring we are responsive, proactive, and effective in meeting the needs and expectations of our employees.

Why did you come to Giant Oak: I joined Giant Oak because I believe in its mission and the value it places on people, innovation, and ethics. Being here provides me an opportunity to support great people doing great things.

What do you do when you aren't at work: I invest my energy in raising good citizens, supporting my own family's aspirations, and when time allows, being a back-of-the-pack runner and triathlete.

Prior work experience: Many years ago, I worked as a Technical Writer and Systems Analyst for a large government contacting company.  After leaving the work force to pursue my avocations, I joined Giant Oak.

Education: I earned my B.A. in Political Science and Philosophy from Loyola University.

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