Matt Parker


NameMatt Parker

TitleSoftware Engineer

When did you join Giant Oak: 2016 

What are you working on: I work as part of a team focused on finding individuals involved in money laundering activities, sifting through terabytes of data using big data technologies, and machine learning algorithms.

Tell me something about the work you do: Most of my work incorporates open source software, applying bleeding-edge technologies to solve customer challenges.

Why did you come to Giant OakI was interested in pursuing work related to the data science field.

What do you do when you aren't at work: I spend my free time researching more advanced topics related to artificial intelligence, data mining, adaptive systems, or new technologies.

Prior work experience: I've worked in and out of Government for the past 20 years as a contractor, applying technologies and analytic methods to various customer challenges.

Education: My undergraduate degree is in Mathematics (Operations Research) from Purdue University. I also completed my M.S degree and Ph.D. coursework in Computational Science at George Mason University.