Name: Micah Simmons

Title: Senior Software Developer

How long have you been at Giant Oak: 2014  

What are you working on: I design, develop, and support software and hardware for all purposes across Giant Oak, including server/cluster management, security, prototypes, data storage, analytics toolkits, and proprietary software.

Tell me something about the work you do: I have the opportunity to constantly learn here, new computer languages and databases, and I'm really enjoying bringing some of my less used math skills back in to focus, things like stats and graph theory.

Why did you come to Giant Oak: Moving from large scale government contracting where my greatest importance was filling a seat, to a company where I could be part of the software from the ground up, finding as many difficult problems to tackle as possible, was a no brainer.

What do you do when you aren't at work:
I volunteer for Loudoun County Fire and Rescue, both as a firefighter/technician, and as the developer of their mapping email and computer dispatch systems.

Prior work experience:
I have worked in many aspects of DoD contracting, including military messaging, data guard development, sonar systems, cloud technologies, and media exploitation.

I left Virginia Tech when their CS program couldn't keep up.

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