Name: Nicholas Rajewski

Title: Forensic Accountant

When did you join Giant Oak: 2013

What are you working on: I provide forensic accounting services to the Department of Homeland Security.  Bringing this real world experience to brainstorming sessions at Giant Oak helps provide solutions to those serving in similar roles across the country.

Tell me something about the work you do: I work side by side with agents and analysts to investigate money laundering schemes.  This could include anything from bulk cash smuggling, operating a shell company, using funnel accounts, and more.  Maximizing the use of technological tools in this process allows for huge efficiencies through standardization and data analysis.

Why did you come to Giant Oak: One of Giant Oak's goals is to make the world we live in a safer, more free place.  This is very appealing to me.  Giant Oak needed my services and I was eager to answer the call.

What do you do when you aren't at work: I enjoy surfing, playing with my Weimaraner, Worm, hiking, camping, gardening, and cooking.  My wife and I recently had our first child which is very time consuming.  

Prior work experience: Before coming to Giant Oak, I worked as a senior associate at a public accounting firm.

Education: I earned my BS in accounting from the University of Maryland, College Park and my MBA from the University of Baltimore.

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