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The fastest, most accurate emerging threat detection tool ever developed.

GOST Computer

Whether you're a regulated financial institution, government agency, or in any industry with customer risk assessment and due diligence needs, you need technology that makes screening easy, detects emerging threats, and continuously monitors the Internet for suspicious activity.

 You need Giant Oak Search Technology (GOST®).



GOST® allows government agencies to screen individuals and organizations quickly and efficiently, as well as sort entities by threat level, making jobs easier. It is the only domain-specific search tool enabling large-scale, high-speed screening and continuous evaluation. GOST® has been successfully used by the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, Department of Treasury, Law Enforcement Agencies, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for counter-terrorism efforts, counter-trafficking efforts, and other national security needs. 

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GOST® is the fastest, most reliable negative media search tool on the market and conforms to the highest security standards used by the financial services industry. Its sophisticated risk-scoring method targets the most relevant information on every customer, and can generate individual reports or a prioritized summary of thousands of people or companies in minutes. It has been successfully used in know-your-customer (KYC), customer due diligence (CDD), enhanced due diligence (EDD), anti-money laundering (AML), counter-threat finance, fraud and corruption investigations, counter-terrorism, and counter-trafficking applications.

Those in the financial sector tasked with screening customers, detecting financial fraud, and preempting malicious behavior need a technology solution that makes screening and detection more effective and efficient. With GOST you can improve compliance and mitigate risk. What used to take hours … now only takes minutes.

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Why GOST®?

It’s the fastest, most reliable emerging threat detection tool on the market.

Screening Made Easy

Screen thousands of people in a matter of minutes and retrieve the highest quality results available on the Internet.


Continuous Threat Evaluation

Continuously monitor changes in pattern-of-life behavior over time to detect emerging threats.

Prioritized, Ranked Results

Enables your team to focus first on targets whose behavior pose high decision risk.

Effective & Efficient Remediation

Your team spends time making informed decisions with confidence in less time. No more wading through large batches of unnecessary false positive alerts.

Exploits Publicly Available Information

Makes sense of the internet's data deluge and exploits publicly available information to show you only the results you need to see. 

Custom Domain Search

Using machine learning and augmented intelligence we create custom domains based on customer needs. 

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“An organization concerned with national security used GOST® to confirm the identities of two individuals in a foreign country who had committed financial fraud through an international financial institution.”

“GOST® uncovered three sisters, who were signees of multiple business accounts, were implicated in a family drug-running operation.”
“GOST® uncovered publicly available information on an alleged enforcer of a drug cartel who confessed to her involvement in multiple homicides.”
“A commercial bank used GOST® to learn that a customer was a convicted drug runner and child abuser, information they did not find in their due diligence process.”


“GOST® uncovered publicly available information indicating that an individual had been arrested and convicted of installing credit card skimmers at multiple gas stations.”