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GIANT OAK SEARCH TECHNOLOGY (GOST) is the most effective domain specific negative media search tool ever developed to determine possible threats or illicit activity. It eliminates the need for manual retrieval and the risk of a threat going undetected.


By providing custom search domains, GOST ® allows large-scale triage capabilities for tasks such as screening, vetting, investigations, and continuous evaluation. This triaging method automates low level tasks allowing GOST ® users to prioritize and focus on valuable human tasks.

GOST® enables screening, continuous vetting, and personnel protection by providing analytic scores for each entity search, both of which are components of a custom deployment of GOST and derived from PAEI (Publicly Available Electronic Information.)

GOST provides ranking and reliability scores -- Ranking scores provide a measure germaneness of information about a given behavior for a given entity. Reliability scores indicate how well the information input into GOST® about an entity enable retrieval of information about a distinct person.

GOST® for Federal and Commercial

Giant Oak combines data and behavioral science to help business and government identify potential threats during the online search and screening process. Led by a team of social scientists, machine learning experts, and security professionals, the company provides a system known as GOST® which expertly searches the deep web to reveal and rank otherwise-hidden actions, actors, and communities.

GOST’s human-centered design principles apply machine learning to publicly available information enabling organizations to see a clearer picture of the people with whom they transact. The government, financial and regulatory organizations, and national security agencies use GOST to comply with Customer Due Diligence (CDD) processes, reduce false negatives, increase data confidence, and enable smarter and easier decision-making.


 Case Study:

Georgetown Law's Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection used GOST to identify instances of defendants and related parties instigating violence on social media.They were soliciting alt-right attendees of the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville (August 12, 2018) to form military-style shield walls, they invited private militias to provide security for the event, and they held calls and circulated a set of "General Orders" which included strategic notes on the possession and use of weapons. Attendees encouraged each other online to "prepare for war". ICAP's suit resulted in Jason Kessler and Redneck Revolt, among others, filing consent decrees promising to not facilitate and in fact actively discourage violence and paramilitary activity.

Giant Oak use cases have been anonymized to adhere to strict privacy guidelines. For more information, please read our Terms of Use.

GOST, Powered by Giant Oak

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