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GOST® for threat detection and easy screening.

The fastest, most effective domain specific negative media search tool ever developed. GOST® eliminates the risk of potential threats and illicit activity going undetected and delivers prioritized results from which informed decisions can be made more efficiently and effectively.

What GOST® Does

Screening Made Easy

Screen thousands of people and retrieve relevant and ranked threat detection results within minutes.

Continuous Evaluation

Continuously monitor pattern-of-life behavior and track changes over time to detect emerging threats.

Detects Overlooked Threats

Uncover potential threats that have been overlooked because of rules-based and heuristic approaches.

Cuts False-Positives and Reduces Manual Workload

Deliver higher quality tips and leads to your investigative team and eliminate inefficient and ineffective alerts via GOST®

Keep up with the exponential growth of data and traffic on the Internet.

Fast & Easy Integration with dedicated support

Our custom search domains are tailored to your operational needs, and our custom data integration options make GOST a unified view for all your threat detection needs and workflows.

National Security

Terrorists, terrorist financiers, money launderers, criminal organization, trafficking rings, sanctioned entities, and all other bad actors and networks rely on information exchange and use of the Internet to communicate, transfer money, and conduct operations. GOST leverages information on the open and deep web to bring these activities to the surface and put them in context so that government agencies responsible for national security can act swiftly to defuse the threats these actors and networks pose.


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Financial Services

Screening is critical for the financial industry. Customer onboarding, risk rating, and transaction monitoring all require some element of open source and database search. GOST encompasses aspects of but eclipses traditional capabilities of technologies used for due diligence and operational risk management in the financial services industry, including name matching, negative news search, and deep or dark web scans. GOST triages entities based on behavioral rankings and allows you to continuously monitor changes in behavior over time for your high-risk population. This results in fewer false positives and more effective alerts.

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Law Enforcement 

GOST is purpose-built for law enforcement to efficiently and effectively act on threats to public safety. GOST has built-in integration with various public arrest and court records databases, registries, and other public records.

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Law Firms

Whether you’re collecting information in the public domain for discovery or monitoring behavior for compliance with court orders, GOST provides a variety of useful tools and workflows to automate search and retrieval of information for you to review and act upon.

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Insurance Agencies

Get a clearer picture of underwriting risk using GOST to enrich your knowledge about new customers to whom you are marketing services and high-risk customers to whom you already provide services.



Vendor Due Diligence

Mitigate repetitional and third-party risk by getting the complete picture of the vendors you work with. GOST is a powerful decision support tool for anti-bribery/anti-corruption (ABAC) and compliance with related international laws.


Protective Services

Use GOST to enrich your view of the threat spectrum that your institution faces. GOST can fill out profiles of actors and networks actively targeting your organization and personnel and give you indication of whether they pose a legitimate risk.

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