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We see the people behind the data.

Our Story

Giant Oak was created to combine behavioral social science and computer science methodologies to build “big data” tools that combat criminal activities. The Giant Oak team integrates social and behavioral scientists, software engineers, and domain experts to bridge the gap between the technology needed to store and process “big data” and the ability to extract meaningful knowledge from it for front line analysts in the financial and federal sectors.

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Our Mission

In a world that is increasingly defined and measured by big data, it is crucial for organizations to be able to generate insights from that data effectively and coherently. At Giant Oak®, we use theory, intuition, and technical skills to draw meaningful conclusions about the people behind the data. We strive to develop a comprehensive understanding of the environments in which we work. This involves studying the data generating process, analyzing the behaviors and patterns represented in the data, and ultimately extracting information from the data to generate scientifically rigorous results. We take an interdisciplinary view of the social sciences, using theories and methodologies from economics, computer science, network analysis, and other fields to develop innovative tools and create knowledge at the frontiers of current understanding.


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Meet Our Team


Gary M. Shiffman, PhD

Founder & CEO


Jake Shapiro-1

Jacob N. Shapiro, PhD

Distinguished Scientist

Harsh Pandya copy

Harsh Pandya

VP of Business Development

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Jeffrey Manfredonia

VP of Sales


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Karelle Joun



Nick R copy

Nick Rajewski

Product Manager



Yahong Gu

Data Architect


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Kyle Reidell




Nadine Brand

Human Resources Manager


Join Our Team

We are looking for candidates who are independently driven and comfortable functioning outside of the norm, willing to build onto their foundation of rigorous quantitative and analytical skills by using creative techniques and insights to formulate the next generation of resistance and counterattacks to a variety of security issues.