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 GOST® for All Industries


GOST is a trusted tool that enables businesses in any industry to screen and continuously monitor large sets of people and companies quickly and efficiently. 


GOST has been successfully used by:

  • Law firms to collect public domain information at scale and monitor compliance with court orders 
  • Loan servicers and insurance agencies to get a clearer picture of underwriting risk
  • Healthcare companies to manage supply chain risk and fraud
  • Multinational corporations to monitor social media platforms at scale to identify threats to the physical security of key resources and personnel.

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Supply Chain Risk

ChainMitigate reputational and third-party risk by getting the complete picture of the vendors you work with. GOST is a powerful decision support tool for anti-bribery/anti-corruption (ABAC) and compliance with related international laws.

Physical Security and Executive Protection

shield lockUse GOST to enrich your view of the threat spectrum that your institution faces. GOST can fill out profiles of actors and networks actively targeting your organization and personnel and give you indication of whether they pose a legitimate risk.