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Giant Oak empowers risk professionals to make decisions with unparalleled threat context. Operating at the frontier of behavioral science and machine learning, Giant Oak builds trusted tools that enable you to make both rapid and informed decisions in an increasingly dynamic security environment.

In 2021, GOST enabled users to find...

Money Launderers &


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Human & Drug


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Violent Crimes & Other

Illicit Actors

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Meet GOST2
What Can GOST Do for You?
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Introducing GOST

GOST is a search and retrieval platform that rapidly screens entities and prioritizes information to identify threats to your operations and business at scale. It can generate leads on thousands of people and businesses in a matter of minutes, delivering consistent, standardized, and prioritized information with which personnel can make informed decisions with confidence and with increased efficiency.

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How GOST works

Unified view of multiple data sources

GOST indexes the open and deep web to create custom information domains that are relevant to your organization. The information includes standard list-based data feeds, proprietary data sources, and up-to-date publicly available information on the internet. 

Audit Trail

At your direction, GOST archives all search reports, creating an auditable paper trail of what an entity’s web presence has looked like over time. This makes the search process defensible to auditors and regulators, replicable for consistency, and scientific.

Prioritized search results

GOST processes search requests in batches, using search parameters that are optimized by AI. It then ranks findings for prioritized follow-up, research, and investigation.

Continuous monitoring

With GOST, you can continuously monitor pattern-of-life behavior and track changes over time to detect emerging threats.

Feedback loop

Because GOST is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, the more you use it, the smarter it gets.

The Benefits of Using GOST

Saves Time

GOST can rank and screen thousands of entities within minutes—a process that would take weeks if done manually, saving your team from labor-intensive work and instead allowing them to focus on decision-making.

Reduces False Positives

Institutions see false positive alert rates over 90% because the industry-standard referential list matching systems are inaccurate. GOST goes beyond list-based screening to perform contextual information retrieval and scoring. This reduces false positives and delivers more accurate alerts by leveraging additional identifiers and supporting contextual information, enabling your team to go after the right leads.

Reduces Bias

Manual screening is an inherently biased process, because analysts—people—search and process information with natural cognitive biases. GOST uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to process information more objectively and accurately.

Delivers Better Leads

Search engines sort information based on what is popular. Because information about illicit activity isn’t always popular, it can be buried in search engine results. GOST lifts this information to the top, resulting in better quality leads for analysts and investigators. 


Empower your organization with GOST. 

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