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GOST® for Government


GOST uniquely allows national security and law enforcement agencies to identify bad actors by behavioral pattern rather than identity labels.

By leveraging information on the open and deep web and applying search parameters focused on behavior, GOST allows government agencies to efficiently generate leads while also preserving privacy.  


GOST has been successfully used by:

  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of State
  • Department of Treasury
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for counter-terrorism efforts, counter-trafficking efforts, and other national security needs
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Background Investigations

Document SearchGOST is ideal for screening and continuous evaluation of cleared personnel in high-risk roles that are essential to preserving national security. GOST uses a ranking algorithm to quickly clear personnel with no discernible security or suitability issues, while escalating for secondary review those individuals with information suggestive of issues. This allows agencies to refresh cleared personnel more dynamically and frequently than ever before.

Threats to Public Safety

secure ShieldGOST allows national security agencies and law enforcement to screen for indicators of violent behavior or criminal history. Whether you’re collecting intelligence for counter-terrorism, counter-trafficking, or counter-organized crime; planning for large public gatherings and emergencies; or identifying criminal opportunists during a crisis, GOST can generate valuable leads by summarizing the massive volume of information available on the internet.

Government Oversight 

GovernmentGOST empowers federal, state, and local agencies to identify and prevent fraud, waste, corruption, and abuse by giving auditors and investigators a way to proactively identify sources of risk in batch, instead of waiting for a breach or high-profile incident to trigger review or investigation.

Travel Security

Border securityGOST gives government agencies charged with the protection of US borders the ability to rapidly screen for terrorist affiliations or violent criminal histories the hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals entering the US border each day.


“An organization concerned with national security used GOST to confirm the identities of two individuals in a foreign country who had committed financial fraud through an international financial institution.”
“GOST uncovered three sisters, who were signees of multiple business accounts, were implicated in a family drug-running operation.”
“GOST uncovered publicly available information on an alleged enforcer of a drug cartel who confessed to her involvement in multiple homicides.”
“GOST uncovered publicly available information on an alleged enforcer of a drug cartel who confessed to her involvement in multiple homicides.”